Get Out Of Debt. Take 2. Month 1.

SOOOOO... if you've been a reader of my blog for long, you'll remember that I did a "get out of debt" series this time last year.... and after 5 months we had paid off close to $20k.

And then life, the miscarriage, a broken car, a new "used" car, a vacation, another pregnancy and a minivan happened. there's that.

But in September we got back on our cash only budget, like even froze Bryan's debit card. He only has the cash in his wallet. I've been crazy about meal prepping, grocery shopping and making lunches... and really cutting costs where we can. We are already making monthly payments on the baby, so to say we are ALL in, is an understatement!

And in October, we were able to start making head way again.

We are on a path to hopefully be completely debt free in the next year other than our Mortgage. That includes cash flowing Sawyer's birth, paying off both of our cars and the rest of the student loans.

I debated blogging about this again, but I think before it really helped keep me accountable on our journey. If I knew I was going to have to post about how much we paid off it really pushed me to do better, sell more, spend less... and really just be content.

I just can't imagine how free we are going to feel to get rid of this mess. We are very motivated. I made a deal with Bryan that I wouldn't buy any more baby stuff- it's killing me a little inside. If he wouldn't buy any Jeep stuff.

I recently read (aka listened to) Rachel Cruze's (Dave Ramsey's Daughter) new book- "Love Your Live, Not Theirs" and absolutely loved it. I actually have an extra copy that I might giveaway.

Anyways, that's our October update. It was slow going in October, hoping to make more headway in November. Happy Friday!


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