It feels like FALL! Weekend In Review!

It finally felt like fall last week. For two days. And now we're back to feeling like summer. boo.

Anyways, on our coolest day so far I took the boys out searching for "Bentonville Rocks". Our town has started something new where people are painting rocks and hiding them around town for kids to find and rehide. My boys had a blast!

I've gotten baby fever. I've been wanting to buy all the things for Sawyer. I don't "NEED" a lot but there are lots of things that I want. I ordered a new stroller blanket because we lost Rhett's when he was a baby and I ordered a new crib sheet. I am using all of Rhett's crib bedding for Sawyer but his sheet was in bad shape so I needed a new one of those. And I got my 2017 planner and I LOVE IT.

I got dressed in real clothes twice last week. It needed to be documented.
Oh and the diaper bag saga. I have been researching and researching diaper bags. And even ordered one and didn't love it. So while watching youtube videos on diaper bags (yes thats a thing...) I saw someone using their 31 tote. And I got mine out and it is PERFECT.
My boys have had some attitude problems so we took away iPads last week. And after the first day of complaints it always does the trick. They're been playing superheroes nonstop and creating their own super hero costumes out of paper (see Hudson in the back ground of the pic below)... we love seeing their creativity.
 And the weather has been beautiful so we have spent A LOT of time outside playing.
 Saturday I met my mom to go to the craft fairs. It was a good afternoon out!
And finally... pretty please keep my niece Lucy in your prayers. There really isn't a huge update, but we need God to intervene in her little heart. Thank you, we greatly appreciate the prayers!


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