Meeting Lucy! Weekend in Review!

My niece, Lucy, was born EARLY last Thursday morning via emergency c-section. She had to be taken to Children's Hospital in Little Rock (which they knew prior to her birth) because she has a heart defect called Ebstein's Anamoly where basically her tricuspid valve didn't form correctly.

Bryan went down on Thursday and I followed Friday afternoon to see our precious girl.

I got permission from Jordan to share some pictures and a little about Lucy's story, mainly because we are asking for MANY prayers for our baby girl.
I walked in about 3 minutes after Jordan got to hold Lucy for the first time. I live streamed it on facebook and it was a great first introduction to my very first niece!!!! 

Lucy had a very rough night Friday night and had to be intubated and have her heart shocked, twice. So it's good Jordan got to hold her when she did because now she's hooked up to SO. MUCH. STUFF. They have her pretty sedated and Bryan and I were so excited we actually got her to open her eyes and look at us yesterday before we had to come home.

Lucy has a very very very long road ahead. The nurse said over and over that this will be a marathon and not a sprint. Right now the major biggest concern is that she has something called N.E.C. causing  bloating in her abdomen that we need to resolve before they can move on to the bigger problem of her heart condition and breathing on her own.
Jordan and David will be meeting with her team of doctors today and specifically her cardiologist to discuss her future and short term and long term plans. I absolutely hate being 3 hours away from them and wish I could have stayed for this meeting today, but my duty of being a mama called and I needed to get home to my boys.
We left around noon yesterday and were face timing them by 6 PM. We already missed that sweet baby girl. It was SO hard saying goodbye to them yesterday.
I don't know when/if Jordan will have a chance to update her blog. We are posting updates on facebook and instagram as we have them... feel free to follow me for more info and ways to pray.


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