A Day In the Life 2016

There was a fun thing going on on Instagram this week where you capture a day in your life. I did it yesterday basically so a year from now I can go back and see how my life has changed since adding a third kid! haha!!

I didn't start the pics until around 9, but before 9 I got up around 6, made Bryan's breakfast and lunch. Fed the boys breakfast while they watched cartoons, ate my own breakfast, put on make up and got dressed so I could take a bump picture for my 23 week post yesterday (honest right here). Finished up my 23 week post and paid bills before starting homeschool at 8:50. I am a morning person so I tend to get LOTS done really early. 

{8:50 AM}
Start Homeschool. Rhett was playing with the dogs and toys in his room. He doesn't like playing by himself, but if I put the dogs in his room with him he is perfectly content for a little bit.
 {916 AM} 
Third cup of coffee because Rhett destroyed his room and was driving me nutso. Four days on steroids and he was a bit wild. 
 {931 AM} 
Rhett dressed up like a cowboy and needed to do "his school". Meanwhile, Hudson has sat at the table pretty calmly and worked on his school stuff this whole time. He does his independent stuff first while I deal with Rhett and the house and then I sit with him and we work on words and Spanish at the end. 
{1110 AM} 
We drove out to my parents house to drop Hudson off for the day with my dad. My dad has been traveling during the week for work, but he was home this week so he and Hudson went hunting. 
I fed Rhett lunch (a lunchable from my parent's house) in the van on the way home and laid him down for his nap because he had a doctors appointment at 3:30. Then I sat at my computer and worked a little and ate my lunch.

{130 PM} 
Fold laundry and catch up on This is Us. I absolutely despise folding laundry. My goal each week is to get it done and put away on Monday or Tuesday. As you can see, it was Thursday before it happened this week. The clean clothes have been sitting on my dryer since Monday. Yikes. I  talk myself into it by saving a show I really want to watch so it doesn't seem so bad. 
 {While folding laundry my dad texted me a picture of him and Hudson eating lunch at Shoguns.}
 {230 PM} 
Laundry is done. Painted my nails (this is Essie's Chincilly, my fav nail polish) and watched Gilmore Girls.
Rhett's doctor's appointment to follow up from his Asthma issues. We love our doctor! 
 {400 PM} 
Starbucks run for a successful doctor's visit.
{430 PM} 
Headed to the jeweler to pick up my wedding rings. I've been wearing my $8 walmart fake ring and was missing my rings badly. One of my prongs on my engagement ring was bent and I got my wedding band recoated. They look amazing! I didn't know they were going to be back yesterday so I was glad that I had painted my nails.
{6 PM} 
Dinner and baths for my baby boy. Then we snuggled and watched Justin Time while we waited on daddy to get home from crossfit. Called and talked to my mom. Ate three bites of a salad and couldn't stomach it. Heard from my dad that they didn't get a deer last night.
{7 PM} 
Bryan got home. We all hopped in the Jeep and met my brother to pick something up and had to drive across town to the Walgreens pharmacy because no one else in town has had Bryan's medicine that he takes every day in stock.

{8:30 PM} 
Put Rhett to bed and it was dinner time finally. I had a PBJ and Bryan had left overs. We were tempted to grab food while we were out but our Dave Ramsey budget kept us on track- and the promise of a date night TONIGHT. 
{9 PM} 
Watched two episodes of Narcos and went to bed around 10:15. It was a good day, but lately I am so tired that I pass out the minute my head hits the pillow!

So that's a day in the life in 2016. 
Happy Friday! 


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