Deer Hunting! Weekend In Review!

The boys and I packed up on Friday morning and headed north for the weekend. We went to my grandma's so Hudson could deer hunt with my dad and so Rhett and I could visit my grandma. It's about a 6 hour drive but the boys did great!

 They were so happy to see Grandma Jeda when we got there Friday afternoon!!
Rhett and Grandma are literally best friends. My grandpa passed away while I was pregnant with Rhett, Rhett is actually named after him (his name was Joe, and Rhett is Rhett Joseph) so my grandma has always spent a lot of time with Rhett and they have a very special bond.
I didn't see much of Hudson all weekend. They hunted a ton but haven't gotten a deer yet.
One thing that I love about Hudson's school is that we can take it with us wherever we go! We did most of his school before we left last week but did a little bit Sunday morning at Grandmas.
My grandma ended up getting sick, and Rhett wasn't sleeping well, which meant his pregnant mama wasn't sleeping well... so Rhett and I came home yesterday. We left big boy with Pa to hunt for the week, hoping they get a deer! Today we are catching up on housework and getting ready for the week!

Happy Tuesday!


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