Hello November.

I seriously cannot believe that it's November. It still feels like August outside, so that might be one reason that its hard to believe.

We have spent the week recouping from our little asthma attack. We went out and did a little trick or treating on Monday night. Honestly I could care less about Halloween, and I am not even a HUGE candy eater... gimme all the baked goods instead... but I know its fun for kids.

We had planned on the boys being Ironman and Capt. America but Rhett all the sudden on monday decided he was obsessed with cowboys and insisted that he had to be a cowboy for halloween. So I dug through clothes and we made it happen-ish. It just wasn't worth the battle. And yes he is wearing Hudson's rubber boots, whatevs.

So even though I said I don't really like candy that much, I might have had a few too many pieces Monday and Tuesday AM. Yesterday during nap time those little plastic pumpkins full of candy were calling my name, but I chose my fav chocolate shake instead, and honestly it tastes just as good!
I've been getting lots of questions about Shakeology lately so I thought I would touch on that a little bit...

So what exactly IS Shakeology?! 🍎🍌🍋
Quick answer - it's NOT just a protein shake-it's a SUPERFOOD SHAKE with over 70 ingredients. I was a HUGE skeptic about Shakeology when I first heard about it 3 years ago and ordered my first TWO Beachbody programs with out it 😬 but here we are 3 years later and here I am, still drinking it, I lost 40 lbs with help from it and Bryan and I both drink it almost every day. I find it to be worth every penny- And part of the reason I love being a coach is the discount. But until YOU try it and see the difference it can make for YOU, you'll remain a skeptic - like I was.
SO I am so excited to let you know that my team and I are hosting a 7 day shakeology challenge starting November 14 where you can try it every day for a week, get a free meal plan, qualify for prizes and see what it's all about! I'd love to fill you in on the details. You can email me for info.
And another super exciting thing I've been waiting to share with y'all...
I've been chosen to be a contributor for our local NWA City Mom's Blog that launches in two weeks. A childhood friend of mine has started it and I can't wait to push myself and my writing and take on this new adventure. I'll post links to my posts here as they are published! 

So that's all for today! Happy Wednesday! 


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