Nesting and Prayers Please!

Hudson is finally home! I left him with my dad at my grandma's last weekend and we were SO happy to have him home on Sunday. I think Rhett was the happiest of all! And I am happy to have my helper back for sure.

The weather in NWA has been cool but beautiful! Bryan worked on teaching Rhett to ride his bike on Sunday.

I think I started nesting this weekend. I sorted both boy's clothes and cleaned out their rooms. I purged toys in preparation for Christmas. And I have three huge bags of 2T stuff that Rhett has finally outgrown to take to Jordan. It feels good to have it all sorted out and we're getting closer to moving the boys to the same room before Sawyer comes. We're going to attempt that over Christmas break.

Speaking of Sawyer. I did an online Target registry for the few things that we need and got to pick up this amazing swag bag of goodies! I love a good freebie bag!

...and in other news... Lucy had a little set back this weekend. She has been doing so well but on Sunday her heart started acting up again and she has to be re-intubated and taken back to the ICU. Jordan and David are so weary, and with the holidays coming up we were all hoping she'd get to go home soon.

Bryan and the boys and I are heading down to Little Rock tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with them so they're not alone. We're looking at doing takeout for Thanksgiving, which this preggo isn't complaining about, but really just wanting to go and spend time with them. That's what the holidays are all about, right? 

We'd really appreciate prayers for Lucy and for David and Jordan. This is a very tough season and we want to see Lucy pull out strong! We know the Lord is in control and can't wait to see the amazing things He does in her little life.

Happy Tuesday!


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