Northwest Arkansas Mom's Blog Launch!

I shared in a previous post about NWA Mom's blog, but I am so excited to share that the Northwest Arkansas Mom's Blog officially launched this week! My childhood friend, Brittany, has poured her heart and soul into making this blog happen and it is definitely something our area needed. I am a contributor for the blog, which basically means you'll see two posts from me there every month. I'll also be at local events representing and I really am SO excited about it. It's been really fun so far and pushed me outside of the normal things that I write about.

Last night was the launch party at a little boutique downtown. We did contributor pictures before hand too and it was really fun to get to meet a lot of new faces and catch up with old high school friends who I haven't seen in so many years!

I wore the maternity dress that I got from Stitch Fix for our fall weddings that we didn't end up getting to attend because Lucy came early, but it was a warm 80 degrees in Arkansas yesterday so it was perfect. I love these shoes, and they were comfortable for 0.4 seconds... long enough for me to get out of my house without a backup pair, but at least they looked cute. First tall heels I have worn all pregnancy, not my best shoe choice.

And this was my dinner that I ate on my way out of the door. There were snacks there but I was too busy talking to grab anything to eat until the end of the party.

Grabbed this pic off of the NWAMB IG page of me and some of the other pretty contributors!

You can check out NWAMB here! And I'll be sure to link to my posts as they go live! Happy Friday!


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