Weekend/Week in Review!

We had a really good weekend last weekend! We had the Toyland downtown on Friday. Hudson and my dad were hunting so I took Rhett and it was a madhouse but we had fun!

The boys went to Tony and CJ's on Friday night so Bryan and I had a date night which consisted of dinner at a cute new pub downtown and then a trip to Sams Club for meat to smoke over the weekend! ha! 
Saturday we took it easy and did some chores around the house that we'd been putting off. My new Arkansas sign from Hungry Hog Woodshop came and I LOVE how is looks next to my LOVE sign that Bryan got me from there for my birthday. They're offering a 10% off code right now (THHW10) and these signs would be GREAT for Christmas presents too!  

AND my first things with Sawyer's name on them came! I LOVE this blanket and newborn hat from Jennifer Ann. They turned out perfect! I can't wait to see them on him!
And then we picked the boys up Saturday night, kept them up late hoping that that would help with the time change, and they were still up before 5 AM. AHH... and the bottom picture is what my house has looked like before 6 AM every day this week. Today they finally both slept until close to 6:30 which is an improvement... and I know they're tired because Rhett fell asleep at 6:45 on the couch last night... but boy are they up EARLY.
Yesterday I volunteered in Hudson's class and we took Yoda for show and tell. Hudson insisted that he needed to be buckled in Rhett's carseat so we let Rhett ride in the back unbuckled (I am KIDDING, Bryan takes him on the days that I work in Hudson's class ;)). Anyways, I thought it was hilarious and Master Yoda was a huge hit with the kindergarteners!

And besides that, we elected a new president this week. I don't have a lot to say about that, but I am thankful that I know who holds the US and our world regardless of who the president is.


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