Christmas in Review

We had a fabulous Christmas. I had been sick most of the week, and still felt pretty crummy over Christmas weekend, but I powered through! And I apologize that I didn't take many pictures, I really tried to unplug and enjoy the time with our family.

Friday was my Grandma's birthday so we all went out to eat. I wore plaid and booties. 

My family was here all weekend at my parents house. We opened presents with them on Saturday and hung out all day. The weather was very nice and we even did a fire pit on Saturday night. And I took NO pictures, like I said, I left my phone up in my purse all day. I did snap a picture after Santa came Saturday night... and then Hudson woke us up at 11:30 PM to tell us that it was Christmas and that Santa had come. Ha ha ha... whoops. He was NOT happy when I made him go back to bed.

The boys woke up bright-eyed on Sunday morning and we spent the morning at home as a family. Then we went back out to my parents house for the rest of the day and just hung out.

Bryan's been off all week so we've been checking things off of our to-do list and taking the boys to do fun stuff. Monday we started getting the nursery together and moved Rhett to Hudson's room, the transition has actually gone much more smoothly than I thought. Tuesday we worked on cleaning out the garage and organizing jeep stuff and then took the boys to the bike park with our friends.
Tuesday night we met my parents and grandma for dinner and took the boys to see Sing! It was pretty cute and we loved the music.

Yesterday we went to the local trampoline jump place and let the boys jump until their hearts were content. Then we made a massive post holidays grocery trip to stock up on healthy foods. We are somewhat starting our clean eating plan next week. I'm doing it to try to keep my blood pressure down and Bryan's been going to crossfit and wants to have his nutrition match! I printed off a meal plan from Skinny Taste to follow. Then we worked on detailing the jeep with a detail set that I got Bryan for Christmas. By the time I sat down last night (my fitbit said I had hit 13k steps yesterday) I wasn't feeling too good so I am going to try to take it easy today!

So that's our Christmas weekend in review for now! Hope you had a blessed Holiday season! 


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