Disney Diamond Retreat

I don't even know what to say about this trip, honestly. I never in a million years thought that I would be given this opportunity to fly across the US on an all expense paid trip with a group of other amazing "moms" who I didn't know super well. Bryan took Thursday and Friday off of work to spend time with the boys, and I flew out REALLY early on Thursday morning.

When you're leaving 20 degree Arkansas weather to go to 85 degree Florida weather, it's really confusing how to dress. I ended up in a long sweater and sandals, and was BURNING up when I landed in Orlando.

My upline coach Jenn pulled out all the stops for us. She rented a huge house really close to Disney and had all these goodies set up for us when we arrived.

Out of the 10 diamond fitness coaches that were there, only two got up and worked out by the pool-- hey, it was vacation! ha! And technically I'm not allowed to workout right now so I don't feel so bad.
I drank my shake and put on makeup every day we were there.
We had a corporate rep fly in to talk with us and share with us the future of Beachbody and she also met with us one-on-one about our business goals, and we had some other coaches come and speak. It was REALLY great learning time, growing time and bonding time and really reignited my passion for the business. 
Then on Friday night Jenn took us to Disney world for Mickey's Christmas Party. It was incredible, a little crowded at first, but as the night went on it wasn't bad! We didn't get home until close to 2 AM, definitely the latest I've been up in a long time but it was an incredible night.

Then on Saturday we had professional pictures taken for our business and some group pictures. It was a blast. Then we went to City Walk and ate dinner at Margaritaville.
Sunday I flew home and came back to reality. It really was an amazing trip and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity. 

The Jenna that signed up to be a Beachbody coach two and a half years ago would have never gone by herself across the US to spend a weekend with a group of women who she didn't know super well. She was insecure and had little confidence in herself. She liked her comfort zone and her safe people. She was giving the business a month, unsure of what she was getting into. 
I signed up to be a coach because I was interested in making an income from home and because I believed in the products because they'd changed my life. Never in a million years did I think I'd be presented with an all expense paid trip to Orlando and Disney World to spend the weekend with 10 amazing "moms" just like me from all over the country. We spent the weekend laughing and crying and dreaming together. Bonding over a "business" that has changed all of us- from the INSIDE out. The confidence I've gained in myself over these last 2.5 years is probably the most exciting part of my transformation journey and the one thing that I least expected. 
All because of a little fitness journey and the hashtag #getfit2014 that I started in Jan 2014- my life is forever changed. A million thanks to Jenn and Annie for mentoring me and making this trip happen. I can't imagine doing any other job that I love this much.


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