Grocery Hero Status Achieved!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

I love Walmart. I live in and have grown up in the hometown of Walmart. Sometimes we get fun amenities before the rest of the world, and that's why I am SO glad to share Walmart's grocery pick up that is now available in many regions in the US, but definitely all over NWA for my local friends. I've been using grocery pickup sporadically since it came out here about two years ago and let me tell you all of the ways that it's changed my life. I don't have to get out of the car in the cold, rain or heat. I don't have to drag my kids into the store and listen to them whine and complain about things I don't want to buy. I don't have to put shoes or jackets on my kids if I don't want to since we aren't going inside. Basically, it has completely changed my life and the way that I grocery shop especially during the busy holiday season!

I order my groceries from my pjs in my living room. First you choose a pickup location and time. Usually I order mine the morning several hours before I want to pick them up, sometimes I do the evening before.

Then you go to the main grocery page. I love that it saves the things you usually buy, it makes clicking through and adding things to your cart super easy.
Then I go down my grocery list and type in each item. It pops up all the brand choices and price differences. I really think this saves me money because I don't buy as much impulse stuff. I usually meal prep and shop on Monday mornings and choose a pickup time between when I pick Hudson and Rhett up from school.
Then when I am ready to check out, it pops up your whole lists and you can go through and choose things that you're okay with them substituting if they don't have that specific brand but they always give you the lower price no matter the item that gets subbed. I think that's awesome! Just this last week they were out of stock on our 1% milk and subbed in the Organic (much more expensive version) for the regular price!
Then you pay with your card, submit your order and you get a confirmation number and an email. Then you're done till your pick up time! A lot of regular stores have grocery pick up but we also have a separate free standing grocery pick up location that I usually use. The employees are SO nice and always bring the kids a snack.
You pull up to this little kiosk and enter in your order number or name and it tells you which stall to enter to. You can also use the Walmart Grocery App and check in when you're on your way and let the store know how far away you are. 
Then you pull in to your designated spot and wait for the nice employees to come out with your groceries. They have you sign to accept your groceries, let you know what substitutions they had to make, show you all of your produce and eggs and load your groceries for you! I did have a visit a few months ago that the bananas and pineapple weren't exactly what I was wanting so they ran back in and got new ones, easy peasy!
This time the store manager actually came out to check and make sure everything was up to my standards and I asked if they minded me taking a pictures of them loading the groceries. Everyone is always SO friendly and accommodating! 

Then you drive home, unload and put away your goodies. I just need them to add that to their service, ha, I kid! That's what I had kids for, right? 

Basically, I feel like a grocery hero. I'm never going back to the old fashioned way as long as I can help it! 

Want to be a #groceryhero too? Check out this service! And I'd love to hear your experience in the comments! 

This post is sponsored by Walmart.


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