In the Christmas Spirit

Sorry I've been a bit absent around here. We've been busy getting in the Christmas Spirit.

Rhett had his Christmas Program last week. He was a shepherd and was SO excited for us to come and watch him!
I went to a favorite things party with some of my girl friends and came home with THE BEST goodies! I always look forward to our favorite things Christmas party-- I have to say though that my favorite thing this year was from my friend Julia who made THE MOST AMAZING homemade chocolate chip cookies. She knows the way to my heart.
The boys and I decorated sugar cookies last week. I've been trying to do one Christmas-y thing a day with them and they loved doing the cookies.

I finally got my stocking and hung it with the rest of them. LOVE how they turned out!
We had a pretty chill weekend. Bryan went off roading and the boys spent Saturday with my parents. Then it snowed. Sunday we had our Narrative Christmas party at a local restaurant, and it was so fun that I forgot to take any pictures!

Monday was the boy's last day of school. I had Rhett's Christmas party in the morning and Hudson's in the afternoon. It was a LONG day but I really enjoyed getting to volunteer and be at school with my boys,
Hudson was SO sweet at his party. He loved having Rhett there and carried him around and wanted him right with him the whole time. I hope he is always that proud to have his brother(s) around.
Tuesday, our favorite college girl and our long time babysitter, Megan, who is home from school for Christmas came and played with the boys all afternoon. Bryan and I went out to lunch (sushi!!) and to sign papers on our refinance. I'll have more on that on an upcoming debt pay off post, but we refinanced to a 15 yr mortgage and dropped our PMI (hallelujah!). We actually locked in a SUPER low rate the day before the election, and then rates have gone up since then so it was good timing!
Since then we've just been relaxing and prepping for Christmas. I've been battling a little cold- I don't feel awful but I've lost my voice and I am just hoping to feel better by this weekend! We've played LOTS of legos and puzzles and games. We're doing a little tv/ipad detox and it's been SO good for us. Basically the boys can watch Veggie Tales or Mighty Machines for an hour (or in the van) and then no more media unless we sit down as a family to watch a movie or AFV (my kids LOVE AFV!). They've been so much less whiney and have been playing so well together. I'm proud of my husband for instigating this!

Hope you've all had a super week and are getting in the Christmas Spirit! Happy Thursday!


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