Perfect Christmas Gift for HIM!

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I don't know about you, but the men in my life are HARD to shop for! I usually look for a gift that is different, one of a kind, and something I know they'd really like. So when I found out about JORD Wood Watches, I knew that not only was this a perfect fit for a man in my life, my husband of course, but something I HAD to share!

While browsing JORD's website, you can see the hand-crafted beauty in these amazing timepieces. It was super difficult for us to choose a watch because we liked SO many of them. Bryan ended up picking the Dover Koa and Black because he loved the face of the watch, and I have to agree, so classy and stylish! JORD even has a sizing feature on their site so that your watch comes to the perfect specifications.

When Bryan's watch arrived at our house, I was first amazed at the craftsmanship of the box that it came in. It doesn't even need wrapping because the wooden box is so nice. Then when we opened the box to see the watch we were literally blown away. This watch is gorgeous, the color of the wood and the attention to detail is spectacular. The watch is unique and sure to be a show stopper.

Bryan has worn his new watch exactly ONE day and has gotten tons of comments on how original and stylish it is. I'd say that's definitely a win in my book. JORD Wood Watches are made from unique wood from all over the world. In prepping and researching all that Jord has to offer, I stumbled upon a GORGEOUS Rose Gold Wood Watch that I have to have for myself. You can check out the women's shop here.

Want to check out ordering a JORD watch for someone special in your life? (Next on my list is one for ME.) Well you're in luck, JORD is offering my readers a special giveaway that you can check out here and maybe one of these gorgeous watches will be waiting for someone you love under your Christmas tree this year!

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This Post was Sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.


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