Weekend In Review- A Season of Sickness.

Well... I wish I had something interesting to post about from our last few days, but for the most part one or two of my family members has been sick for the last week. I came down with a tummy bug on Tuesday last week. Rhett started running a high fever on Thursday which we later found out was Strep throat, and Saturday Bryan came down with flu-like symptoms. It's a good time around our house. So far Hudson is unscathed, and I hope it stays that way... but if the trend continues I'll be getting a phone call from school today.

The weird thing is that according to my time hop someone in my family is always sick this time of year. So the pictures of my weekend are all of Rhett basically being sick.

BUT We did do a few fun things last week. Rhett helped daddy get the smoker ready for BBQ over the weekend.
We decorated Gingerbread houses. Well kind of, I think Rhett ate more candy than he used decorating, but still they had fun!
I got woken up VERY early almost every day, but in this season I don't mind. If it's not one of the boys waking me up, then its the little boy in my tummy, and I see it as preparing me for having a newborn SO soon. So for now I've been enjoying my coffee on the couch. I love the Christmas decorations and the quiet of the early morning.
Yesterday Hudson and I went to our Narrative House Church Christmas party and then I took him to a bowling birthday party while we left the sickies at home. And I didn't take any pictures of it. Whoops.
Lastly, I am hosting a free 12 days of Christmas group on Facebook that started today. I'm sharing some fun holiday recipes turned healthy, a free simple workout every day, and a random act of kindness idea every day. I'd love for you to join us. You can email me ( or reach out on social media for more info!!

Hope you had a blessed weekend! Happy Monday!


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