34 Weeks! We made it!

This picture was actually 29 weeks but I just got them back this week and LOVE them!
Photo Credit: Stephanie Denton Photography
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 34 weeks!

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a Pineapple. (19 inches, around 5 lbs)

28 wks vs 33.5 wks
Maternity Clothes: Yep. All Maternity when I get dressed. Otherwise yoga pants and XL t-shirts... I'm trying to stay away from jeans and booties these days. SO MUCH SWELLING.

Gender: Baby BOY! Sawyer Anthony. 

Movement: Yes but more distinct movements which are more uncomfortable for me. He flipped from one side to the other last night and it was almost like labor pains. YEOCH!

Sleep: Almost nonexistent. I sleep for 45 min to an hour at a time before I have to pee. Then I am awake from 2-4 almost every night starving. I think he's just preparing me for when he's here and I'm not sleeping.

What I miss: Feeling normal. I think I say that every week. I'm just ready to feel good again but I am enjoying the last few weeks of feeling him move and being thankful that my body can do this but third trimester is ROUGH.

Cravings: Nachos. Coffee. I wanted steak this weekend which is unusual because I typically don't like red meat when I am pregnant. Been eating lots of berries and yogurt.

Symptoms: Swelling in my hands, feet and face. My wedding rings don't fit anymore. My socks leave marks. People keep telling me they can tell my face is swollen (thanks for that ;)). So I guess the end is near. My blood pressure has been surprisingly good. My check up last Wednesday was good. My doctor said short term goal was 34 weeks-- which we hit today! But long term we'd like to hang on til 36! She has me coming weekly right now. Then on Wednesday night my blood pressure shot up again and I had to go back and be monitored. Again. Thankful my lab work was ok and my blood pressure hung out in the ok zone so I was sent back home on modified bedrest. And here I am. Just hanging out. Other than yesterday morning, it's been pretty good as long as I am taking it easy. Hoping to keep on coasting until I go back to the doctor on Wednesday! 

Also:: My friend Jessica set up a Meal train for us yesterday. We've had several people ask how they can help and right now this is the biggest need so I can just rest and not have to worry about getting dinner on the table every night, especially since evenings tend to be when I am feeling the worst and my blood pressure is the highest. A family friend, who I love dearly, set us up with a whole weekend of meals last weekend and it was a HUGE lifesaver. Two of my good friends brought over a basket of snacks this past week and drinks for us and the boys. And legos for the boys (halleluljah, anything to keep them entertained right now!) It completely filled up our snack drawer and that has been the BEST for the boys because they can just go get their own snacks and caprisuns without needing my help. One of my sweet blog readers sent a pizza gift card last week and it came in SO handy yesterday when my blood pressure shot up and I was stuck on the couch. And my boys are ALWAYS thrilled with pizza! Anyways... just sharing that because I've had lots of emails and texts asking how you can help-- here is the link! 

Since I literally was confined to the couch all day yesterday we ordered pizza and had a LOTR marathon! 

Favorite Moment this week: Got to finish up the nursery for the most part and picked up these adorable hats for Sawyer that I had embroidered at a local boutique.

That's all for today! I may update later in the week after my doctors appointment. Otherwise I'll just be at home hanging out. Happy Monday!!


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