A 34.5 week update!

Well this week has been more of the same. A few hours of monitoring at the hospital and then back home to keep taking it easy. Much easier said than done at this point. I'm only two days shy of 35 weeks at this point so we are just chugging along. I have been trying REALLY hard to keep it low key and listen to my body. I can tell when I am overdoing it, and if I go lay down in the dark I feel a lot better. Sawyer is measuring a week ahead still so if we can hang on another week or two we should be in the clear for a healthy baby born around the same time his brothers were born. We are SO ready to meet him.

I did pack hospital bags. baby bag and the bag for the boys this week. So that's done in case something happens and I don't have a chance to come home and do it before we have him. I deliver at a hospital about 30 minutes away so it's not an easy trip back and forth.

My grandma has basically been living at my house this week. She has been a HUGE help. She helped me get some meals in the freezer and basically cleaned my whole house. She kept the boys while I was at the hospital on Wednesday night... my dad's been out of town, which hasn't helped my anxiety at all but he gets home tonight and all my helpers will be back around.

We've also had dinner delivered a few times this week from sweet friends. It has been so helpful. I'm not good at letting people help, but I am trying to say yes and just take care of Sawyer and I right now. Bryan's home today for the weekend and we're just going to try to keep it low key and keep this baby boy cooking! Lots of movies and puzzles and games with the boys, enjoying the last few days/weeks of being a family of 4.

Happy Friday!!


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