A Year Of Intentional Living!

So I know I haven't shared much fitness related stuff lately-- mainly because I'm not doing any fitness related things until I have this baby. And trust me, I cannot WAIT to get going again. I've just been working on my before picture again so I can have a killer after picture later this year. I am not worried AT all about losing weight after I have Sawyer. I am actually super excited about it because I know that I have all the tools that I need to make it happen this time, even while nursing, which I struggled with SO much after I had Rhett.

So I wanted to share about my new group that I am starting this year! My word for 2017 is Intentional. I want to be intentional in all areas of my life- so I thought what better way to do this than to invite my friends to be intentional with me! In thinking about 2017 I wanted to take my groups one step further. I think there is SO much to be said for accountability groups in health and fitness but I feel like we need more than just that to be successful in our journies. I want to live my life intentionally this year- in my health and fitness journey, with NUTRITION, as a MOM, as a WIFE, as a Believer, with my finances and my TIME and I want to be able to serve others as I work on myself. So this is where I ask you to join me in this journey! I feel like we need all of these aspects to be healthy and fulfilled and to live the life that God has for us! While this is an all-encompassing group, I am a health and fitness coach, and a certified plant-based nutritionist and I will be talking about the things that work for me and the products that I've used over the last three years that have changed my life but you are in no way required to use them to join this group! Everything I share has been what has helped me in all these aspects or what I am currently using to grow in these areas. If Sawyer stays put my goal is to get the group open this week. Anyone can join. I will be sharing different things I am learning spiritually, along with some fun acts of kindness, healthy recipes and meal plans and lots of fitness related things. People in this group will be doing Beachbody programs that we'll be talking about, but you don't have to do them to join us! I made a little google form you can fill out if you want more information on any of this!!

On that same note, I wanted to share something that Beachbody has JUST released. There is a new All Access Challenge Pack where you can get access to every single program that Beachbody has for a WHOLE year for one low fee. This is an amazing deal, because it gives you a year of top of the line programs (like Insanity, p90x, T25, 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, country heat, PiYo, core de force, active maternity, yoga retreat, etc) so when you finish one program you can just hop into another one!  With the challenge pack you also get a month of shakeology and the portion fix container system to give you all the tools you need to get going this year! Again, if you want info on this be sure to fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM  and I'll send over more information!

And if you're still on the fence and wanting to try Shakeology, I JUST got my box of samples in! I have cafe latte, chocolate and vanilla. They're 7/$40 shipped or 7/$35 if you're local to me and want to pick up and I only have 4 sets of the 7 day samplers available. This would be a great way to get started by TRYING Shakeology in our new group before deciding if you want to buy! You can email me to claim one of the 7 day samplers- first come first serve!

I've also had several people ask me what program I am planning on doing postpartum. I've thought long and hard about it and I am leaning towards 21 day fix to get me going because I know how to modify the meal plan for breastfeeding and its gotten me the best results in the past. Depending on when Sawyer makes his arrival I'll be starting that once I get the all clear at my 6 week postpartum appointment! You're totally welcome to join me in that, but like I said I plan on doing all of my accountability stuff in the year of intentional living group!

That's all for today and that's a little about how I'd love to have you join me in 2017! Here is the link to the google form one more time!

Happy Tuesday!


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