Sawyer is TWO months old!

Oh, hi there! Me again! (I promise I'm going to get better at blogging-- soon!!!)

Y'all. My baby is two months old today. How is time passing so quickly?

Oh my sweet Sawyer Anthony,

-You are two months old today. That signifies 59 days outside of my tummy and in my arms. And 59 days of me not sleeping, but that's besides the point.

-You are by far the best nurser of all of my babies. You latched on from 30 minutes post c section and we've never looked back. You would nurse 24/7 if I'd let you. Right now we are on a 2-3 hour schedule during the day and we are working towards at least 3 hours at night. But right now, although I am very sleep deprived, I know that the sleepless nights will end soon enough.

-At your check up this week you weighed 10.17 lbs and were almost 23 inches! That means you're getting close to doubling your birth weight.

-You've outgrown newborn diapers, even though I am still cramming your tiny hiney in them until we run out so they don't go to waste. Which is causing blow outs... so that might end soon.

-I put the preemie and newborn clothes away for the last time last week. And even though in our hearts daddy and I both feel like we are done with biological babies, it did make me sad to think I'll never have a baby in those sweet outfits I got to enjoy with all three of you in your littlest days.

-You're in solid 0-3 and 3 mo clothes now. We are rocking 2-3 outfits a day because you really like to spit up all over me, and like I mentioned above, the blow outs.

-You really like your mommy and like being held. And I don't mind. You sleep with me in the early morning hours when you wake up and it's not quite time to get up yet. There is nothing sweeter than hearing you breathe and feeling your sweet baby breath on my cheek. Before I know it, you'll be wanting to bunk up with your big brothers and I'll be wrangling you to nap. So for now, I'll enjoy those early morning snuggles.
8 weeks
-You have rolled over a couple of times unintentionally. You're getting good with your head control, and do pretty well with tummy time.

-The older you get, and the more your face fills out, the more we see Hudson in you. We think you're going to keep your blue eyes, just like Rhett, but everything else reminds us of Hudson as a baby. And you also really look like me as a baby, which I kind of love.

-You got to meet Lucy in person for the first time a few weeks ago. Nothing made my heart happier than having you all under one roof. I can see your G-Ma smiling down at all her grand babies.

Everyone adores you. Daddy and your brothers are smitten with you. You are the perfect ending to our family. I'm cherishing every moment with you and I absolutely love being your mama.



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