Rhett is FOUR!

Y'all. Rhett turned 4 a month ago. And I've had this post in my head but haven't been able to sit down and write it out. So Rhett, I'm sorry when you're reading this later in life that it's a smidge late!

Oh my Rhett Joseph. So much love and mischief in one little body. You're the peanut butter and jelly between our two pieces of bread. You're the good stuff in the middle. You are sweet, and yummy... but you can also be sticky and messy! And you're throwing mommy and daddy for a loop because the older you get the more we realize you are nothing like your big brother.

-At your 4 year old well child you weighed 33.5 lbs and were 39 inches. A full two inches shorter and 5 lbs lighter than Hudson at the same age. You're our tiny boy.

-You're still settling into being a big bother. You love Sawyer, but mostly don't pay a whole lot of attention to him, except when Mommy has him and you want me or my attention.

-You look up to Hudson so much. You want to do anything and everything that he does. He is your best friend. You moved into his room right after Christmas, and you guys love sharing a room.

-You basically love Paw Patrol and all things Sugar. Hudson is my healthy eater and you are my sweet tooth sugar eater. Every morning when I wake up and you're already up you've been in the candy drawer or the snack drawer eating fruit snacks.

-You are hilarious and have the best sense of humor. You make us laugh ALL of the time. Mostly when you're getting in trouble and trying to get out of it. You got in trouble a few weeks ago, and you and I duked it out. Later when we were talking about it, and I had apologized for losing my temper with you, I asked if you were going to make good choices. You said yes, and then asked "Mom, are YOU going to make good choices too?" You've made me question everything I know about parenting, but you've also made me grow. 
-You love to draw and have learned how to write your name (thanks to your preschool teacher, Ms. Tiffany). You go to preschool two days a week and have your own little friends and it cracks me up the things you tell me about your day. 
-You've just started outgrowing naps, and it hurts my heart to see nap time go... but you and your brother play so good most of the time, when you're not fighting, and I love nothing more than having you so close in age.

-Molly and Sadie are your best friends. You are actually playing with them as I type this. You really love all animals! If you see a bird outside you'll open the door and yell "HI BIRDIE!".

Rhetty Joe, You're my snuggle boy. You keep me on my toes. I get worried when you're too quiet and its not usual to find you hiding in the fridge, or sink or... really anywhere. You love your mommy and don't really love being away from me right now, even though you SAY you are daddy's boy. (You really love your daddy so much too!) We love you!!



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