What we've been up to... and lots of pictures.

Oh my Sawyer Anthony. How you're growing! You are such a light and joy to us and a perfect ending to our family. You've finally started sleeping through most of the night and are getting on a schedule.

We had a great Easter with our Narrative family. It was a yucky rainy day but that didn't stop me from getting a pic of my three cuties.
I've been consistently working out for about three weeks now, you can see how Sawyer feels about that above! hahaha!

This muffin is my love bug. He has had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the baby but we are starting to get along better! He loves to pick flowers for me so I snapped this picture to remember.

 We did Easter eggs on the patio! 

Daddy and the boys went to the opening night of the Arkansas Naturals- one of our favorite summer pastimes!
This boy is getting ready to graduate from Kindergarten. How is this possible?!?! We only have two weeks of school left- and we are both ready!!!
We are finally OUT OF STUDENT LOAN DEBT! I'll do a whole post about this soon.
I'll never get over this sweet bundle of joy.

Bryan's been doing stitch fix for men, did you know that was a thing?! And we've loved what he's gotten. Entire outfit above is SF! Here is a link to check out more info! 

I may still be in maternity jeans, but I did put on real clothes ONE day last week- ha ha ha ha!!

Thats all for now! I promise to start blogging more consistently soon- maybe ;)


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