Hi there! I'm back!

Oh hi! Remember me?!

I've never neglected my blog this long and it makes me SO sad. But I have a good reason... in case you don't follow me on social media I'll fill you in... 

Since I blogged last we...

1. (May 1)
Put an offer on a new house.

2. (May 7)
Listed our house.
3. (June 14)
Everyone got lice.

4. (Mid June)
I became obsessed with Rae Dunn Pottery.

5. (June 30)
Sold our house.

6. (June 30)
Bought new house.

7. (End of June)
Moved everything we owned into our new garage.

8. (Beginning of July)
Remodeled new house and lived with my parents for two weeks.

9. (July 4th!)
Moved in and settled in the new house.

10. (July 14)
 I cut my hair off.

11. (July 15)
Went to Disney world.

12. (July 24)
Started Whole30.

13. (July 26)
Hudson lost his first tooth.

14. (July 31)
Sawyer turned 6 months old.

Which brings me here... August 3rd. FINALLY settled in our new house and I can't wait to do several posts show casing what we've done! I PROMISE more soon.


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