What's Up in my Fit Journey! and a yummy recipe!

Bryan and I decided to do something a little extreme to bump up our weight loss this fall. We are now a month in, so I can share some progress, and tell you my thoughts on it.

My intention all along was to be doing Beachbody workouts while doing this program, but life, two illnesses, a funeral, two birthdays, a vacation and a broken arm happened and my workouts have been few and far between these last few weeks.

But 30 days ago today, Bryan and I started with StrongerU nutrition. We a have a nutrition coach we are working with who sets our macros every week. We keep track of everything we eat in MyFitnessPal and then transcribe it all to an excel spread sheet with daily weights, measurements and various other things and then we send it all to our coach once a week. In the last month I've lost 3 inches off of my waist and have lost just under 10 lbs. I've never been hungry, most days I'm having to fit stuff in at the end of the day to hit my macros. I LOVE the program. I signed up for six months and am hoping to get close to my ultimate goal weight, but so far I am enjoying the journey. I don't want to share my progress pics yet- maybe in a few weeks or after round 1... but trust me, I'm taking them!

All of that being said, I'm still drinking my Shakeology and am looking forward to starting back with Shift Shop next week if I am feeling better! I think doing this nutrition along with my BB stuff is a good combo.

I have to eat WAY more protein than I ever had before so I've been drinking one of these Premier Protein shakes every day. SO yummy!

I love the Caramel one over iced coffee or blended with 1/2 banana, ice and chai seasonings! SO good!

That's all for now! Stay turned for more info!


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