It's ME!

I don't even know where to begin this post. Bryan texted me yesterday... "You should be blogging about our homeschool adventure" (I'll get there, promise) and my response was... "I should just be blogging". 

So here I am...

It's been while. I logged into to three half written posts from October waiting to be published. It's April. That's six months. I don't really know what has happened... other than I've been dealing with crippling anxiety and some medical issues and chasing after three boys that take all of my energy. I remember telling my doctor that I wasn't even interested anymore in the things I used to love-- beachbody and blogging... and that that was a red flag to me that something was up. I had some medication changes a few weeks ago, and I've gone gluten free... again. And I am feeling MUCH better. My anxiety is non-existent and here I am, blogging again.

We've had a lot happen and I will be playing catch up probably. But my goal is to be back here, in my happy place!

I'll leave you with these cuties.... and tomorrow I'll be back to share about our homeschooling adventure.


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