You're going to WHAT?!.... Adventures in Homeschool

Yep, you heard it here first.

We've decided to homeschool next year.

Hudson has gone to a part time private school where I've homeschooled twice a week since he started Kindergarten. We have absolutely loved it and it's been a great fit for him... but we've had our doubts about Rhett from the beginning. God has been pricking my heart about full time homeschooling for awhile. I have been in complete turmoil about the decision, so wishy washy and back and forth. But finally last week Bryan and I talked to the boys about it and decided to move into a trial phase with Rhett for the next several weeks before setting on our decision 100% but I am feeling very settled and good about it right now... which goes to show that if you have uneasiness in your spirit, it's there for a reason.

I am going to be using The Good and The Beautiful Curriculums with both boys. I still haven't decided 100% on a math curriculum but I have been very happy with what I have seen from the Good and the Beautiful, and the boys have already started their new curriculums and love them. There are SO many reasons I love this curriculum, but mostly because you just open it up and go. It is a beautiful curriculum and it combines arts, literature, spelling and phonics... all in one.

I know this will be a complete change for us. One that I am slightly terrified at, but I have had a ton of support so far. I am actually really excited and so are the boys. I haven't decided 100% about choosing a homeschool group, a coop or some outside thing for us to join. I am still researching and if you're local, I'd love your input or suggestions if you're a homeschool family.

There is nothing I like more than teaching my boys, I am excited for this journey, nervous, but so excited. And when you're doing the Lord's work and what he's called you to, your spirit rests easy.


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