Love YOUR City! Weekend In Review!

We had a FABULOUS weekend! Friday Hudson, Sawyer and I hung around home... I got him a new lego that took him all of an hour to put together.

Friday afternoon we started making popcorn for our first ever First Friday at FBC that we've been planning for several months. The boys were my "helpers" although I'm not sure how much help they were since they *uh um*... lost Sawyer... but that's another story for another day.

All of our planning was on how to love our city (my personal favorite place on Earth) well... and I think we did just that! We spent time outside our church in the lawn and gave away water, and Kennedy's coffee, popcorn and goldfish... and it was a blast. Our church is a major parking lot for first Friday on the square so we got to say hi to lots of friends and make new friends!

Saturday Bryan took the boys to Kansas City to see the Royals play. He ended up spending the night with some of my family and they had an absolute blast. Sawyer and I did a whole lot of nothing while they were gone. It was kind of awesome.

Yesterday I had nursery duty so Sawyer and I went to church and then the big boys and Bryan were home when we got home... and other than Bryan smoking chicken and ribs for us for the week, we did nothing but veg and watch movies. Allergies have kicked us in the rear and we needed some time in the A/C *which went out and magically came back on this weekend, the A/C guy is here as I type...* and to REST.

It was a great weekend! Happy Monday! 


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