Beach Vacay 2018

My grandma and mom & dad blessed us with a trip to Orange Beach, AL this summer for Christmas last year. We have been looking SO forward to this vacation and the boys' first time at the beach and first time to remember being on an airplane for Rhett and FIRST flight for Sawyer. We had a great trip, despite getting the stomach bug. Out of our house of 24 people, 20 of us had it before the week was over.

So really this is just a big photo dump. We had great food, fellowship with all of my family and Bryan and I took the boys to see the battleship in Mobile one day and that was SO great too! If you're down that way I highly recommend it! My boys loved the beach, it took Sawyer a little bit to warm up to it, but over all he was a happy camper! Hudson and Rhett would have played in the sand all day long but they also LOVED our little pool on our deck.

We celebrated Bryan's birthday at Melting Pot and had a fun girls night out at an amazing restaurant in Pensacola that's off the beaten path (5 sisters!).

Mama needed this iced coffee mid-week of my WHOLE family getting the stomach bug

Thanks so much Mom and Dad and Grandma Jeda for the best vacay! Everyone LOVED the beach so much! Wish we were back there now! 


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