God in the Details

Last October I made a trip across the country with my good friend, Jessica, to pick up a baby who needed a temporary home. I'll never forget that Tuesday morning phone call and I'll never forget hearing God say to go.

God has been unfolding that story ever since. It hasn't been easy, to say the least, there have been a lot of tears and a lot of unknowns. But I have never questioned God or his call for our family to provide a safe and loving home for a baby in need.

I'd walked through foster care with several friends of mine. I'd always told Bryan I didn't think my heart could handle it, my emotions couldn't handle it. So we'd never gone further into the conversation than that. Then this situation presented itself. It is a very specific situation, where this baby needed guardians while her mom (and dad) figured things out and got help. We had the space, we had the finances, we had the love... so we said yes.

And I was right, Jenna, alone... she doesn't have the heart or emotional capacity to handle the gravity and the unknowns of this situation. She is weak and tires easily.

But God does. And I've seen a transformation in myself that cannot be explained any other way. God has covered me in perfect peace. I see His words when I close my eyes. I hear His voice when I start to doubt.

After 3.5 months of not knowing what the next stage of this story would look like, having to send a sweet girl to live with our friends temporarily and relying on a judge in another state to make what he thought was the best decision for this baby girl... Bryan and I were granted guardianship of sweet Remi last week.

We started walking a road with Remi, and her mom Maegan, this last week that we don't know the ending to. We've transitioned from 3 kids to 4 kids back to 3 kids and now back to 4 kids. It's been a little chaotic, but the time she was back with our friends gave us time to get our affairs in order and get the boys registered in full time school. Our prayer all along has been that we would get Guardianship of Remi and be able to forecast the rest of the story from there. But guess what... we can't. So we move forward in this journey, completely dependent on God. He's known the details of this since before any of us were born and we are praying fervently for Maegan and her recovery and for Remi and her sweet future.

Maegan shared this picture and a sweet post on her facebook page about us after court last week, so I am sharing all of this with her permission. She is seeking the Lord's will in her life, and I know I have so many prayer warriors who follow my blog that we ask you to pray alongside us all.

God has been in the details, God is in the details. I am so glad He is big and has a bigger picture than I do. And I am so glad that Bryan and I get to step in and be a part of Remi and Maegan's story.


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