Remi's First Birthday!

Oh sweet Remi. You turned one on July 14. I don't know what time and I don't have memories of that day with you. I don't even know how much you weighed. But I know you were so, so loved. You were snuggled and held by Mama Maegan and you had that sweet newborn scent and feel like each of your brothers (and sis) did. 

And while I don't have that memory with you, I do remember hearing that you were born and healthy and beautiful and you looked exactly like your birth dad. 

Sister, the last ten months have been a whirlwind. You joined us with the perfect amount of sparkle and pink and joy and filled a spot we didn't even know existed. You are spunky and sassy and 100% girl but you hold your own pretty well. You know your place in our home (um... in charge) and you fit perfectly. You're walking and talking and playing and doing all the things one year olds do. 

I don't have the memories of the first three months of your life. But I have cherished every moment since I first held you in October. I've taken mental snapshots of us rocking and snuggling and of the way you fit on my shoulder when you're sleeping. I see the way that your brothers light up when they see you and the way you smile at them. I love the way you love your daddy, you cannot get to him fast enough when he walks into the door at the end of the day and you won't let him put you down. You are absolutely loved and wanted, sweet girl.

So, so many of your friends (Mrs. Janice, The Lewis'- including your favorite twins on the planet, The Harpers) and family (Mommy and Daddy, your brothers, Mama Maegan and Daddy Eric, Grammie Tina and Pawpaw, Aunt Dawn, Kaylee and Macey and Mawmaw, Aunt Jess and Uncle Chris and your cousins and bio siblings, Grammy and Pa, Aunt Doe and Uncle Dave, Hank and Lucy, Uncle Adam and Aunt Ashlie, Grandpa Bob) all came to love on you on your special day. You had the perfect cakes made by Ms. Kate and cookies made by Ms. Robin. Grammy made your vases and did the flowers. Aunt Doe and Grammy helped Mommy decorate.

Happy birthday to our precious angel! Here is to many, many more! 


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