Back To School 2021

 Hip Hip Hooray! We made it to back to school! 

Remi and Sawyer started at the same school that the big boys go to and they absolutely love it. It makes life easier on me to have everyone in the same place at the same time and gives me a MUCH needed break to do some things that I want to do. 

Hudson started 5th grade - MIDDLE SCHOOL - and I can hardly believe it!!!! 

Rhett started 2nd grade and has the same second grade teacher that Hudson had, I know he'll have a great year!!! 

It is funny because I don't really know what to do with myself with out my little two at home. It'll definitely take some time getting used to those 3 free days a week now!

Remi Joy started PreK 3 

Sawyer started PreK 4! He also has a teacher that his brothers had so I know he will have such a fun year, his last year before KINDERGARTEN. I can't believe it.

Hope you all have a great "back to school" experience as well. I know there is a lot to cause chaos in the world right now, but our prayer for our kids has been that God will use them and put them where He wants them to be, so I pray the same for you. Happy Friday and Happy weekend! <3 


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