Remi Joy turns 3!

Remi turned 3 in the middle of July. She is absolutely the best gift we never saw coming. She has fit in and completed our family in a perfect way that only God could do. She is smart, fun, helpful, strong willed, silly and has a huge heart. She always wants to be wherever I am. She loves everything PINK and Unicorns. She's 100% girl but can hold her own with her brothers NO problem. Sawyer is her best friend, they're only 18 months apart and have the sweetest relationship. She is a big fan of her biggest brothers and her daddy too... I think they like her too. ;)  She is an absolute joy and I am so blessed that I get to be her Mama. 

We originally scheduled her BIG birthday party for the Saturday following her birthday at the lake, but it was supposed to storm and we were exhausted from VBS week so we postponed it. That ended up being a huge blessing in disguise because a few days later is when I came down with Covid19 and I am so glad we didn't expose the whole world. 

All that to say, we celebrated last weekend with just my parents at the lake, since there has been such a huge increase in cases and the delta variant is still affecting vaccinated people we decided to keep it small this year. 

Grammy T and Papa J (her bio grandparents) sent her gifts since we couldn't do a big party, she LOVES this Unicorn!

My mom (also Grammy) got her ALL the unicorn things. And we had a unicorn cake. It was such a good day! 

I made this fun little TikTok of our day - I've just started hanging out over there and on Instagram. I am having a lot of fun. Love to have you follow along! Happy, Happy birthday Sister! Mama loves you so much! <3 


Oh Arkansas Summer, I love you so. ❤️ ##summer ##nwa ##bentonville ##arkansas ##sweetsummertime ##lake ##lakelife ##birthday ##tube ##boat ##instagram ##tiktok

♬ Feels Like Summer - Samuel Jack


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