That time that the whole family got COVID19

Since March 2020, we've done everything that we've felt like we were supposed to to keep our family safe and healthy from Covid-19.  We wore masks, stayed home, virtual schooled for awhile, sent the kids to school in masks.... I was vaccinated in Feb/March 2021 and Bryan was shortly after me. When the mask mandate was lifted, I thought we were safe to go about normal life mask-less and we did so for a few weeks... until I found out we were wrong and we got hit, HARD.

What started as congestion, slight fever and cough quickly escalated when I lost my taste and smell completely and at that point I knew it was COVID19. 

As soon as I tested positive we took the whole family to be tested... Everyone but Remi and Rhett tested positive then. At that point only Hudson and I were having symptoms but Bryan and Sawyer showed symptoms shortly after.  The 3ish weeks have been absolutely miserable. Half of us ran fever and coughed our heads off, we had body aches and head aches and all lost our taste and smell. 

Remi ran 105+ fever for 24 hours about two weeks in. She was so sick and it scared me to death. Rhett felt sick the next day. We had both of them swabbed and Remi was positive at that point, while Rhett has remained negative this whole time. We dont know how but we are so glad he didn't get super sick.

We did all the crafts and projects. As soon as I swabbed positive and I knew we were home for at least two weeks I got online and ordered ALL the things. I have had a few people ask what was most helpful when we were sick... maybe that'll come in another post. The kids loved painting rocks, we got some new games (Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza and What do you meme? LOVE them both!), we did scribble scrubbies, water paints, all the legos, new books, kinetic sand... etc. We had so many friends drop off dinner and groceries and send Starbucks and pizza gift cards, we are forever grateful and will be happy to return the favor to friends in the future. 

At the point that I am writing this now, everyone but Rhett and Remi are out of quarantine. Hudson broke out to spend a few days at my parents house. Bryan got out for a bit yesterday morning and I booked myself a mani/pedi last night because I needed a hot minute out of the house! We are still basically stuck at home through the weekend, my sanity is running thin, but check on me Monday. ha! 

The kids have Open House for school Monday and Tuesday, I am thankful we will be able to go and that  everyone will be out of quarantine to start school at the end of next week - MAMA IS READY! 

So here is my take away from our three weeks of COVID... We did everything right. The one place I messed up was thinking that since I'd been vaccinated I could go in public without a mask. I know that is how I got COVID19. Hudson and I started showing symptoms around the same time, I don't know for sure which one of us got it first or if we got exposed at the same time. My guess is that we got it from church or Hudson got it at baseball practice. That's the only places we'd really been. My advice to you is to wear masks regardless of your vaccination status. Send your kids to school in masks if you're worried about them getting it. It is so prevalent, especially in NWA right now that it is only a matter of time before you're exposed if you're out and about without a mask. Part of me is glad that we got this over with before school starts, but I really wish we could have avoided it all together. 

We've survived COVID19. It was so hard on my mama heart seeing my babies so sick. I tried to workout last night, the same exercise I have been doing consistently for over a year, and I felt like I had a ton of bricks on my chest still. It will take time to get back to normal.

That's our story. I'm glad to be on the flip side. Stay safe and healthy friends! <3 


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