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A Month Gone.

One month. On Sept. 21 it was a month. It feels like both an eternity and the blink of any eye at the same time. Time feels extremely weird to me right now. I almost feel like I am walking in a constant haze, or in someone else's life. I am doing all of my same things, being a mom, wife, shuttling the kids to all the things, cleaning and making all the lunches... but there is a pit in my stomach that doesn't go away. I go up to the cemetery at least once a week and sit by Adam's grave and journal or read my bible. It's actually been super therapeutic for me... but it really still doesn't feel real. I've reached a point where there is so much internal conflict about how I feel. Some days I am totally normal/fine, but then something happens, someone says something or I see something and it's like the huge wave taking me under water all over again. There are certain things I will never look at or thing of the same thing again.  We walked in Adam's honor in


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