How I Save at Wal-Mart...

I had several questions from local readers about saving money at Wal-Mart. Since I live in the hometown of Wal-Mart and my husband works at Wal-Mart, I obviously do most of my shopping at.......... WAL-MART. Ha! And I typically save around $30 per trip.

First, I use coupons for things I need to buy. I try not to use coupons for things that I don't need or we don't use (because, extra money spent), and I always check off brand prices to see if it would be cheaper with coupons to buy name brand or off brand (there are a few things that we HAVE to buy name brand according to B, Ritz for instance...). I typically make my list and then scan the coupon inserts or to look for matching coupons before I go. I also use all of those money saving apps that I talked about in this post.

Second, PRICE match. We don't have many grocery stores other than Wal-Mart but we do have a local Aldi that I often price match produce to. They typically have sales on bananas every other week and last week I got Avocados on sale for .29 cents each when Wal-Mart had them for $1.39 each.

This week bananas were $0.29/lb and strawberries were $1.29 per 16 oz package at Aldi. You can price match at Wal-Mart as long as the ad states price and size/amount and the sizes match at Wal-Mart. This is a great deal because Hudson loves strawberries and we go through bananas like nobody's business.

Retail at Wal-Mart for both $8.81. I paid $4.11 by price matching. Over a 50% savings on produce!

Last week, I price matched the bananas and paid $1.11 for over 4 lbs of bananas and then used the Checkout51 app and got $0.50 back for spending over $1 on bananas, paying just $0.61 for retail of $2.50. Thus I saved around 75% on bananas last week, awesome! It doesn't seem like much but since I do that almost every week it adds up!

Third, look for clearance! I always walk by the meat case and look for the bright yellow sale stickers for meat that will be expiring in the next few days. A few weeks ago I got two 5 lb packages of ground beef for $8 each (originally $12), saving $8 on TEN lbs of hamburger. Yes, that is a LOT of hamburger, but I got home and split it into 1 lb and 2 lb freezer bags and stuck it straight in the deep freeze. That was a big savings on meat for me. I often get the biggest package of pork chops when they are on sale too and split them up to 2 a package for the freezer when I get home. That makes it so easy when I am getting ready for dinner and our favorite Rosemary Pork Chops, I just pull out one of the freezer bags and it is the perfect portion I need.

Fourth, meal plan! I meal plan and buy the things that I need for meals. If I go with a plan I spend way less money. I love E-Meals. Last week since avocados were on sale I made several dishes with avocado. You can get 15% off of meal plans at E-Meals with the code DINNER15 right now!

So those are my tips for saving money at Wal-Mart where the prices are already usually lower than competitors!

What are your money saving tips for Wal-Mart or your local grocery store?? Another tip of mine is to go ALONE and when I am not hungry! ha! If I take the boys or Bryan we spend money on junk food that I wouldn't usually buy.


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