After meeting with our realtor yesterday morning, we realized we are going to have our work cut out for us to list our house. This weekend we are going to be diligently working on moving stuff to a storage building. We're going to hire someone to landscape our front patio and do our lawn and hire someone to professionally clean our house and then we will maintain everything from there...

So we were going to have to spend quite a pretty penny just to get our house ready to show. I am praying and hoping that it sells quickly and that it will be painless but we know the more effort we put into it probably the faster it will sell.

Money is stressful no matter the situation. We are in a great situation with our house because we bought at the bottom of the market and it is a great time for real estate in our area so we know this is the right thing for us for right now. I was talking to my mom on my way home last night and she was kind of challenging me on if we wanted the stress of this... and we really feel like we at least want to try to sell it, but I have to admit I was a little stressed just thinking about the money we were going to have to put into our home (and really NOTHING major needs to be done, all little stuff).

As I was driving, I saw the most amazing sunset. The sky was a colorful display of vibrant red and orange and it stretched across the whole sky.  I love the sky, especially since losing Janet, because it is somewhere physical that I can look and be reminded that she's somewhere up there. (Side note, but on Hudson's birthday it was the Blood Moon... Hudson always loved looking at the Moon with G-Ma and G-Pa and there is no doubt in my mind that this was her birthday present to him...). I feel like the Lord uses the sky to paint a beautiful picture for his children every day. And last night, as I watched the colors transform, I had an overwhelming sense of peace and I knew everything was going to be okay.

After I got home, some 20 minutes later, I sat down to watch TV and eat dinner with Bryan and checked my phone... and THIS is what I saw...

I looked at Bryan and with a totally straight face said, "Um... I just won $1000 dollars." He said, "No you didn't". And I hopped out of my chair and gave him my phone and started jumping up and down.

This money came from a drawing out of THOUSANDS of BeachBody coaches and I honestly had kind of forgotten about it. I didn't need another reason to love BeachBody and my up-line coaches but this just sealed the deal even more for me. What a huge blessing...

My point... The Lord IS FAITHFUL and GOOD. We've had a rough few weeks missing Janet and our family is going through some changes. It's been so hard to see the good in the situation of losing Janet and like I wrote last week, I've been focusing on remembering that I was made for more than how I am feeling today or what my current situation is.

I feel like this $1000 is a blessing in disguise from the Lord. It takes a lot of the financial burden of trying to sell our house and move off of us and makes this a much more enjoyable process. I feel like Janet is looking down on us and so proud of us too and maybe she gave the "Big Guy" a little nudge to help us out.

This morning I thought about the timing of when I "won" the drawing. It was around the same time I was driving home and saw the sunset and felt the Lord's peace come over me. I didn't see it until later to realize that. I have needed something for Him to feel "real" to me again... and the sunset did that... not the money. But the money was definitely a great added bonus.

So today I am feeling blessed. Overwhelmed and Blessed by the Lord's continued Goodness in our lives.

Happy Friday.

(I didn't lose this week, I maintained... I'll be back with WWF next week)


  1. Congratulations! We are getting ready to put our house up for sale in the next week. It has been 6 weeks of hard, hard work. It has primarily fallen on my shoulders and I am wiped. It has been great workouts though! We are in our final stretch. Get support, get people to watch the kids. We have a very low mortgage here so we have already bought our new house. We are moving into that house in 3 weeks. I did not want to deal with showings for too many weeks with 2 kids and a messy husband!!! My biggest advice is to put things in your storage unit and then do another look around and clear out more. For showings, have a laundry basket and load it with last minute items and throw it in your car. Do laundry as often as you can so that is not piled up. Clear out underneath sinks so you can stash stuff. Have a kitchen cabinet designated for items too. Also a magic eraser does wonders on doors.


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