Hudson's 4th Birthday

Bryan took the day off and first thing in the morning took Hudson to get donuts and a hot chocolate at Starbucks! We wanted to take him to do something fun so we decided to go to a local drive thru zoo, Gentry Safari, with the boys and we had a GREAT time.
My big boy!
Aunt Doe and the boys looking at the animals
Rhett loved it
Hudson helping Daddy drive at the Safari
We packed a picnic lunch and ended up eating in the car on the way home because we had two tired boys and a party to get ready for! A local girl makes some amazing cookies... she had made some for my baby shower with Hudson and then stopped making cookies for awhile so I was so excited to see on her IG that she was taking one order a week and booked her earlier this summer to make the cookies for Hud's party. I was in awe when she dropped them off!

Hudson has been telling me since last year that he wanted the EXACT same birthday party again this year (I guess that's how you know you nailed a birthday party!). So that's what we did! I was too stressed out last year doing the big "friend" party thing so we just stuck with family this year and he was so happy that everyone he loved was there to celebrate him!

Jordan and I made the cake
We had a taco bar for dinner and cookies and cake along with fruit and dip for dessert!

Pa and Grammy got Hudson a bunch of camo so he can go hunting this year! He said "Look, I'm a REAL hunter now!"
G-Pa got Hudson a new ride on car that is pretty fancy! Rhett can ride with him now too!
I just love this. My baby is getting BIG!
When we put Hudson to bed he said "This is the best birthday EVER". Makes my heart so happy to know he had a special day!

So Hudson had a great birthday! I saved everything just in case we want the same party for a third time next year! :)

Happy Sunday!


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