Confessional Friday

I haven't done one of these in a while... so here goes...

1. I confess that I have now gone on like 8 weeks of not losing any weight. I've been working out religiously, but my diet has been slacking. So TODAY I am starting back counting and tracking everything I eat. I am so tired of being at a standstill with my diet. But I did do a comparison pic this week and I am still proud of my progress...
All the squats and lunges are paying off! This was over a year ago, same outfit.
2. I confess that I LOVE these shoes. I can't justify buying them right now but my friend Rebecca wore them to our girl's night the other night and I fell in love! Added them to my Amazon Wish list for Christmas...
from here

3. I confess that it is a big pain keeping my house show-ready. We are ready for some action! Nothing at all this week... keeping our heads up though and knowing that the Lord has the right people for our house.

4. I confess that I am OBSESSED with YL Essential Oils. I've had a cold this week and I've been diffusing Thieves and applying "Breathe Again" and my "Immune Booster" and it knocked my cold out SUPER fast!!! If you're interested email me or my "Oily" friend, Beth ( -just make sure and tell her that I sent you- and we would love to get you started with EO! We had a girl's night the other night and I swear 60% of our convo with the 5 of us was about EO and how obsessed we are. I am so excited to be all set before winter and sickness sets in! 
5. One more "oily" confession... this. My secret "buy my house blends". Our realtor walked in the other day and said, "WOW your house smells AMAZING". Winning.
6. My friends at Swagbucks contacted me to offer y'all a 70 SB bonus when you sign up through my link. I have written about Swagbucks before, but I love to use their search engine and buy things through them on sites I already use (, and rack up extra points. Then at Christmas time I redeem my points for Amazon gift cards! FREE money. You'll want to use the code choosingjoy to get your free 70 SB!!! Woo!

7. I lastly confess that I am loving my 21 day fix workouts. I'm offering the $20 back just through today so let me know if you want in on that deal! We've got our private group up and running, I'd love to have you join us!

What are your confessions?

Have a happy weekend! :)


  1. Stopping by from A Blonde Ambition. Girlfriend! That progress is awesome! I love finding others who are on a weight loss journey. I'm 18 months post-partum and ALMOST 100 pounds down, and I know the feeling of being at a stand-still. Just remind yourself of how far you've come and tap back into the motivation you had before. You're doing AMAZING, lady!

  2. Awesome blog! I am also stopping by from A blond ambition. I battled ovarian cancer this year and so I really related with your MIL's story. Thanks for sharing her blog. Cancer sucks a lot and some times it doesnt seem fair. But to see the faith she had and likely the hundreds who have been affected by her story. Prayers to your family! I am just geting back in the blogging routine, so feel free to stop by! There is a link to my cancer blog on my tabs if youre interested.



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