Spring Break Week

We've been lucky to have amazing weather this week and have some of our family here for Spring Break. Alesha, Bryan's step sister, and her kids are here spending time with us. On Monday afternoon we went shopping. It was fun with just the girls!
Then we spent lots more time playing outside and just hanging out!
Tuesday I ran 4 miles, twice. I went with my boys and the stroller in the morning... and then my parents brought over pizza and I ate it and felt gross so I ran again with Katy after dinner. 8 miles split up really wasn't too bad. Ha! Today is our last run before the race, and it's just three miles, so it won't be bad at all!
Yesterday we had a playdate at our house with some of our friends. I was excited because I could finally wear a tighter fitting shirt without something over it... but by the end of the day my jeans had stretched out and were falling off and I looked all kinds of crazy... ha!
I meant to take more pictures of our friends but I just caught this one of Rhett and Edie. Both of my boys were enamored with the "girl baby". Hudson has been praying almost daily for a sister... and for a sister for his birthday (in September... which is definitely not happening)... and while I am not currently pregnant, I can see us adding another baby to our family at some point in the future and I would be thrilled with a baby girl... we will see.
Rhett has been congested and fighting some spring allergies so last night he pulled his blanket over to where I was sitting and climbed up in my lap and said "Mommy rocky"... melts my heart. I will never ever say no to that.
I am so excited about my race on Saturday and the multitude of things it makes me feel and think... I can't believe we're almost there!!! Happiest of Thursdays!! (And if you missed it, check out yesterday's post with details on how to win a copy of 21 day fix!)


  1. Go to bed early Friday. Trim your toenails, don't do anything out of the ordinary or new, start hydrating NOW, say a prayer with your group before the race, and soak it all in. Have fun!!!!! So incredibly proud of you!!! Stretching my arms all the way across Tennessee and Arkansas to give you a big hug!!!!!!


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